Minnesota Commercial Floor Waxing

The Ultra Gloss System

See how great your floors can look

8 Years since this floor was stripped to bare tile

The Ultra Gloss System keeps the floor finish
Crystal Clear for Years.

14 months since this floor was last waxed

Our Buffing Pastes bring back the shine over
and over again.

We can Transform your existing floors like we did these

The Key to High Gloss Floors

Floors that are 100 % clean { free of embedded dirt and residue} will reflect light multiple times more than floors that are 90 % clean.

The more coats of Crystal Clear floor finish on your floor the more shine.


The better way

Our floor waxing system was designed to maximize a floors shine by building more crystal clear coats of of light reflecting floor finish.

Our Discovery

After years of experimentation we discovered a combination of chemicals that penetrate up to 3 coats of existing floor finish releasing 100% of the embedded dirt. Our chemicals with our orbital machines get the floor 100 percent clean prior to the application of floor finish.

Remove the dirty coats of floor finish keep the clean coats

Unlike a complete strip to the bare tile, our floor stripping system only removes the top 3 dirty coats of floor finish. We keep the bottom clean coats of floor finish.This allows us to build more coats of clean floor finish with every service.


If you never wax over dirt and keep the floor finish 100 % clean you can go years without a complete strip. Our Ultra Gloss floor stripping system eliminates 90 % of complete wax stripping to the bare tile.The only situations that we use wax strippers is on new clients floors if they have horrible discoloration ( waxed in dirt) and the floor is beyound just removing the top 3 coats.

Keep your tiles vibrant colors

The Ultra Gloss floor wax stripping system never bleeds the color from your tiles like wax stripping to the bare tile does. Our system keeps the clean coats near the tile preventing color bleeding. Red tiles stay red, Green tiles stay dark green.etc.


More Shine More Savings

Our Floor waxing system builds up more coats of light reflecting floor finish with a 21 % cost savings. Think about the impression your business will make when your customers see your floors with that beautiful wet look shine.

Year Long Shine Option { 3 For 1 }

Our high speed buffing program with our buffing pastes will give your floors a glistening shine that shines more and lasts longer than waxing. For the price of one strip and wax you can have 3 high speed buffing services. Note. This is a after care option once floor has our premium floor finish on it.

The Best Protection Your Floors Can Get

The more crystal clear coats of floor finish on your floors the more shine and protection they have.


Owner Operator

Wax / Buff , 4.1 Million Square Feet Of Tile


3 Easy steps:

Step 1

Call or text Mike at 763 248 8581
or email me at mmp11211960@aol.com

Step 2

Receive a quote

Step 3

Schedule a service

frequently asked questions

Depends upon whether its high or low trafic floor. High traffic done twice a year. We recommend slow traffic floors to be done once a year.

It is our goal to give our customers a floor that will have a clean beautiful shine and will hold that shine longer than our competitors can do. We want to be the best at what we do. We are always looking into new methods which will give our customers an even better looking floor.

You can reach us at our mailing address: Buff N’ Shine Floors Inc., 5948 138th St NE, Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372. You can also fill out or contact form here.

All you need to do is call at (763) 248-8581 and request one, or send an email labeled “Request for Demo”, or fill out the contact form and mention it in the message.

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