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Give Your Floors The Most Amazing Shine!

buff n shine floors

Our method eliminates 90% of costly floor stripping using wax strippers, which can bleed some color from the tile.

We do zero scrub and recoats where often people apply new wax over embedded dirt.

A Better Way

I have discovered a combination of chemicals that when used with our method removes all dirt that is embedded in the top 2 to 3 coats. The process removes the dirty layers while still keeping the clean layers that are free of embedded dirt. Each time this method is applied we build up new coats of protection fo ryour floors. The result is the most fantastic shine you have ever seen!

Benefits to You.

1. NO contracts, we earn your business on each and every service.
2. Satisfaction Guarantee is included in the bid. We stand behind our work.
3. Buff n’ Shine Floors is the owner/operator
4. We fit the program to your needs.
5. Over 16 year period we have developed and perfected our system.
6. The most shine ever!
7. Longer lasting shine
8. Our follow up High Speed buffing option with our buffing gels bring even more shine to your floors. This aftercare option can extend the time between waxing even more while saving you money.

Professional Floor Restoration Minneapolis

Floor cleaning, waxing, stripping, and buffing services.

Buff ‘N Shine Floors is an owner-operated company with 20 years of tile floor waxing & refinishing experience. I am on-site for every service call from start to finish! Your satisfaction is my priority.

I take great pride in providing customers with a new flooring wax that will have a mirror-like shine with clean edges and corners. Taking all the extra steps necessary to give you a professional tile waxing service.It is our goal to give our customers a floor that will have a clean beautiful shine and will hold that shine longer than our competitors can do.

If you are interested in a demo or would like a quote to refinish your business floors, contact us!

Google Reviews From Our Clients

Kay Vue
Kay Vue
Mike came to our office and cleaned our floors, let me tell you AMAZING doesn't explain enough. Mike spent took all the time needed to get the job done right. We will be using him for all our flooring needs and you should too. I promise you wont regret it!!! Thanks mike!!!

The ultimate wet look shine see how great your floors can look

Shine lasts twice as long as a complete strip and wax. Sealed in shine under a protective coat.

Customized programs to meet your individual needs. Your floor your program

Owner operator consistent great results.

Quick quote text Mike at (763) 248-8581


commercial floor waxing


Floor Stripping & Waxing

With the Buff N Shine Ultra Wet look method, we are able to maintain more coats of floor finish that have greater adhesion with a crystal clear appearance. The end result is a longer-lasting shine.


Ultra Gloss System

In order to achieve a high gloss wet look, we use ultra-high-speed floor burnishers with special pads that produce heat., it is ready to be buffed or polished.

Why Choose Us

Best Service

We provide the best cleaning services on the market, all over the twin cities.

Covid-19 Care

Our clients will be met with a technician who has proper COVID-19 gear and social distancing.

24-Hour Support

In case you have an enquiry, or an urgent question, our support is there.

On-Time Appointments

We know how to make it in time and always get to appointments on time.

Floor cleaning includes stripping, polishing, sealing, and coating

At Buff N’ Shine Floors, we understand that maintaining clean and well-maintained floors is essential for any business. That’s why we offer a full range of floor cleaning services, including stripping, polishing, sealing, and coating.

Floor stripping is the process of removing old wax, dirt, and debris from a floor. This is typically done before the floor is polished or sealed to ensure that the new finish will adhere properly and last longer. Buff N’ Shine Floors uses advanced equipment and techniques to strip floors quickly and effectively, without damaging the underlying surface.

Once the floor has been stripped, it is time to polish it. Polishing involves using a buffing machine and a special polish to give the floor a glossy, smooth finish. This process not only makes the floor look great, but it also helps to protect it from scratches, stains, and other types of damage.

After the floor has been polished, it is time to seal it. Sealing helps to protect the floor from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. It also helps to extend the life of the floor and keep it looking great for longer. Buff N’ Shine Floors uses high-quality sealing products to ensure that your floor is properly protected.

Finally, we offer coating services to further protect and enhance the appearance of your floors. Coating involves applying a special protective layer to the floor, which helps to prevent damage and keep it looking great. Buff N’ Shine Floors uses only the highest quality coating products to ensure that your floors are protected and look their best.

If you are in need of floor cleaning services, including stripping, polishing, sealing, and coating, Buff N’ Shine Floors is here to help. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality services at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Floor stripping, buffing, and waxing are services that are commonly used to maintain and improve the appearance of hard surface floors in a variety of businesses. Some examples of businesses that may use these services include:

  1. Retail stores: Retail stores often have high traffic areas that can become worn and dull over time. Floor stripping, buffing, and waxing can help to restore the shine and luster to these areas, improving the overall appearance of the store.
  2. Offices: Office buildings typically have a large amount of hard surface flooring, such as carpet, tile, or linoleum. Regular floor maintenance, including stripping, buffing, and waxing, can help to keep these floors looking clean and professional.
  3. Restaurants: Restaurant floors can become especially dirty and greasy due to the high volume of foot traffic and food spills. Floor stripping, buffing, and waxing can help to remove built-up grime and restore the shine to the floors.
  4. Gyms and fitness centers: Gyms and fitness centers often have large areas of hard surface flooring that can become worn and scratched due to the constant use of heavy equipment. Floor stripping, buffing, and waxing can help to restore the floors and improve the overall appearance of the facility.
  5. Hospitals and healthcare facilities: Hospitals and healthcare facilities require clean and hygienic environments to protect the health of patients and staff. Regular floor maintenance, including stripping, buffing, and waxing, can help to keep these facilities looking clean and professional.

There are many other types of businesses that could benefit from floor stripping, buffing, and waxing services, including schools, hotels, and government buildings. These services can help to improve the appearance and durability of hard surface floors in any business or facility.

Buff n’ Shine Floors: The Experts in Floor Stripping and Waxing Services

Keeping a commercial facility’s floors looking their best is essential to creating a professional and inviting atmosphere. However, over time, flooring can become dull, dirty, and in need of attention. That’s where Buff n’ Shine Floors comes in. With years of experience in floor stripping and waxing, they are the experts in restoring the shine and durability of commercial flooring.

Here are some of the key benefits of working with Buff n’ Shine Floors:

  1. Professional Experience: With years of experience in the floor care industry, Buff n’ Shine Floors has the expertise to handle any type of commercial flooring. From tile to concrete, they have the knowledge and skills to restore the shine and durability of any flooring surface.
  2. High-Quality Products: Buff n’ Shine Floors uses only the highest-quality floor stripping and waxing products, ensuring a long-lasting, professional finish. Their products are designed to protect and enhance the look of your floors, and their team is trained to use these products in the most effective manner.
  3. Customized Solutions: Buff n’ Shine Floors understands that each commercial facility is unique, and they work with their clients to create customized solutions that meet their specific needs. They take into account the type of flooring, the frequency of use, and the desired level of shine, to provide the best possible results.
  4. Convenient Scheduling: Buff n’ Shine Floors understands that businesses need to keep their facilities operational, and they offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate their clients’ needs. They work around their clients’ schedules to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  5. Competitive Pricing: Buff n’ Shine Floors is committed to providing their clients with the best possible services at an affordable price. They offer competitive pricing, without sacrificing quality, and they work with their clients to create a solution that fits their budget.

Choosing Buff n’ Shine Floors for floor stripping and waxing services is the best way to keep your commercial facility’s floors looking their best. With their expertise, high-quality products, customized solutions, convenient scheduling, and competitive pricing, they are the clear choice for businesses in need of floor care services. Contact them today to schedule a consultation and see the difference for yourself.

frequently asked questions

Depends upon whether its high or low trafic floor. High traffic done twice a year. We recommend slow traffic floors to be done once a year.

It is our goal to give our customers a floor that will have a clean beautiful shine and will hold that shine longer than our competitors can do. We want to be the best at what we do. We are always looking into new methods which will give our customers an even better looking floor.

You can reach us at our mailing address: Buff N’ Shine Floors Inc., 5948 138th St NE, Prior Lake, Minnesota 55372. You can also fill out or contact form here.

All you need to do is call at (763) 248-8581 and request one, or send an email labeled “Request for Demo”, or fill out the contact form and mention it in the message.

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