Buffing Optional

Commercial Floor Buffing Minneapolis (Optional Service)

Your floors will have a wet look shine that will amaze everyone who sees it. When visitors visit your business and see your floors with a glistening shine, think about the impression you are making.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does a buffed floor look as good as a just waxed floor?

Answer:  Yes it does, most of the time it even looks better. The same marks that are removed in our orbital strip method are moved prior to our high speed buffing. When we high speed buff our special buffing pastes into a previously waxed floor the heat of the buffing pads and the chemical magnify the shine.

Question: What about the Price?

Answer:  There is a cost savings of 57 % compared to our orbital strip and wax. You can receive 2 high speed buffing services and still have money left over compared to one orbital strip and wax. A small area that may need wax can be done for a small extra fee.

Question: Does furniture still need to be removed prior to your arrival as it is for a stripping service?

Answer:  No it doesn’t. We just ask for the easy small items like floor mats, chairs etc to be moved. We want this service to be hassle free for you.

Question: Are there anymore benefits for this optional service?

Answer:  Yes there are more benefits. A floor that has been cleaned and buffed with our buffing pastes will have its a glistening shine and this shine will last longer. The more time that is spent polishing the floor the more shine we get. We always make more than 3 passes with our buffing machines till the shine pops. Buffing floors with high speed burnishers over many years you can see when the shine is about to pop and you have reached maximum shine. This is what you should expect from who you hire to do your floors. Another benefit with high speed buffing is that you can do it over and over and over again. You can greatly extend the time between a wax stripping because the buffing pastes leave a hard protective coat over the floor finish. With this option its easy to keep floors shiny 365 days a year.

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