Orbital Waxing

Minneapolis Floor Stripping Waxing The Ultra Gloss Method

This process transforms a dull dirty floor to one with an amazing shine. If you are seeking a floor with maximum shine this is your best option.


STEP 1. Orbital Machines and Chemistry

The key to a very shiny floor is building up more than 5 coats of floor finish all with a crystal clean appearance. Our orbital machines when used with a combination of chemicals that we discovered removes all the embedded dirt .This step leaves the floor totally clean.

STEP 2. Energized Water

Too achieve a crystal clean appearance there always is left over residue. This needs to be removed before the first coat of floor finish is applied. We employ our energized water as our final rinse. This water when used with microfiber pads acts like a magnet removing any residual. The floor now is spotless and ready for floor finish.

STEP 3. Selecting the Highest Quality of Floor Finish

This is what you are in essence paying for. Floor finishes are not all the same, some are very good and some are very low quality. Some floor finishes hold up real well and produce more shine than others. You don’t want floor finishes that will yellow up or quickly deteriorate soon after you just paid to have your floors done. If it costs me a little more I always will use the very best floor finish.
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