Floor Stripping and Waxing

Commercial Floor Waxing

buff n shine floorsTHE PROBLEM

90% of floors are done horribly ,they have bad wax buildups or there is dirt that has been waxed over with numerous coats of wax.Waxed in dirt is the reason tiles have discoloration. 90% of people don’t know how to strip a floor or they take short cuts to save time. You can’t half ways strip a floor, once you begin you have to strip it down to the bare tile or you will have problems. Too often the floors stain from bad floor care for too long of time and they are permanently damaged.


Step 1. We employ a double strip method. The first we use strong wax strippers. This step removes the horrible looking globs of old wax buildups and discoloration.

Step 2. On the second strip we use the same chemical combination we use for our orbital stripping method. This process removes any wax that the first strip may have missed. The floor now is 100 % free of old wax. The floor now has a clean and smooth surface with clean edges and corners.

Step 3. There still is residue on the floor that needs to be removed before the first coat of wax is applied. This step we final rinse the floor with our energized water. This water when used with clean microfiber pads acts like a magnet and removes any left over residue. The floor now is spot free and ready for waxing. The cleaner the floor the better the bond between new floor finish and the tile.

Step 4. Selecting the best floor finish. This is what you are paying for during this entire process, Floor finishes are not all the same, some are very good and some are very bad. Some floor finishes have more shine and hold up better than others. You don’t want a floor finish that yellows and quickly deteriorates soon after you just paid to have the floors waxed. I always use the best floor finishes.

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